Why men who don’t ask for directions might be right

by Nancy on March 26, 2011

Since I travel so much, and I loathe GPS systems, I tend to rely on google maps and my own internal compass.  Most of the time, this gets me exactly where I’m going.  Plus I love the adventure.

However, there are a few times when the locals “you can’t miss it” seems to be a prediction that I’m going to miss it.  The curious thing is how many times I have turned around – thinking I’ve gone too far – just before reaching my destination.

It happened today in Sedona, Arizona.  I was looking for the Java Love coffee shop (needed my caramel Latte fix) and the concierge assured me it was just a couple of blocks up on the right.

Well, after going more than what I thought were a couple of blocks, I turned around.  Drove back to the hotel, turned around again…went further than the time before…and lo’ and behold, found the coffee shop.

It ocurred to me then that many of us do this in life.  We don’t realize how close we are to our goal (destination) but we become frustrated or convinced we’re on the wrong path and give up (turn around).  When if we’d only gone a little bit further, we might have found what we were looking for. 

Proof that going the distance is worth it?  Here is the view from the front door of Javas. 

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