What I know for sure…because of Oprah – Part 2

by Nancy on June 16, 2011

Last time, I wrote about the impact that Oprah and her show had on me.  Since I couldn’t fit all the life lessons I’ve taken from her into one article, here is the second part.

5)    There is no reward/punishment system like were taught in Sunday school.  I don’t care what religion you are, you have likely been taught to believe in some sort of Nirvana if you’re a “good” person and obey all the rules and some sort of “Hell” if you’re “bad” and break the rules.  Oprah doesn’t believe this and now, neither do I.  Life is about natural consequences.  If you do bad things, you will likely suffer negative consequences.  If you do good, more positive will likely come.  You can create Heaven or Hell in your own mind simply by what you choose to focus on.  Maybe this is what Jesus meant when he said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

6)    Fear never goes away as long as you keep growing.  Some may look at Oprah and all she has accomplished and assume that she doesn’t experience fear.  She herself will tell you that’s nonsense.  Anytime you are about to move to the next level, NO MATTER what level you are currently at, you will experience fear.   So this takes fear from something to avoid at all costs to something to embrace and actually move toward.  My partner Chris has a philosophy that has served him well in life.  Whenever he realizes he’s not doing something due to fear – he makes himself do it.  Whether it’s a new business venture, zip-lining down the middle of Freemont Street in Vegas, or getting up to speak in front of 1000’s of people, if he’s scared, he has to do it.   And forget about waiting until the fear goes away to take action (how most people live their life).  The ONLY way to get fear to go away is to do the thing you’re afraid to do.

7)    Along with fear, challenges/obstacles always come up as you move to the next level.  I think sometimes we have the illusion that rich, successful people don’t have as many problems as we normal folk do.  But when Oprah had to deal with the Meat Industry’s lawsuit or sexual abuse allegations at her Girls School in South Africa, I’d say she was dealing with some pretty big problems.  The difference is in the level person you are.  If you’re a level 3 person and you have a level 5 problem – you’ve got a BIG problem.  But if you’re a level 9 person and you have a level 5 problem – you’ve got a small problem.  So the work isn’t in playing small so to try and minimize or avoid problems, the work is in developing yourself.

8)    It isn’t about the money; it’s about making a difference.  When Oprah’s show was going down the same road as Jerry Springer and Maury Povich, Oprah made a decision to no longer do sensational, negative story lines.  She wanted to provide information and inspiration, and to have a positive influence on others.  And what do you know, she also became one of the Richest Woman in the World.  You will never hear Oprah say money isn’t important but you will hear her say it’s not the most important.  Finding your true purpose and pursuing it with passion is the key.  And what do you know, the money might just come.

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