Top Ten 2010 Goals

by Nancy on January 4, 2010

There’s two things I’ve learned about goal setting in the last year.  One, at times I set unrealistic goals and then have to deal with my disappointment when I don’t reach them.  Two, I set goals only based on the outcome I want, not on the actions I need to take to achieve my goals.  So I’ve changed the ways I set my goals.

First, for each outcome I want, I create a Minimum, Target and Outrageous goal.  The Minimum maybe something I’ve achieved before and want to do again or is new but not too much of a stretch.  My Target is what I really want to achieve but it does represent a stretch.  And Outrageous is quite a stretch but I would be deliriously happy if I achieved it. 

Then I create a detailed action plan to reach my Target goal.  I stick to the actions (in my control) and let the Universe decide (out of my control) which goals it wants to help me reach the Outrageous level.

Here’s an example:

One of my financial goals is to buy a NEW (used) car by June 30th.

O – Lexus
T – Audi
M – Honda CRV

A personal goal is to plan quarterly Spa Days and Weekends.

O – Spa magazine destination!  (top 25 spas in country)
T – Mirbeau or Niagara on the Lake
M – Beau Monde/Del Monte

Lastly, one of our relationship goals is to get involved in a charity.

O – Donate $2000 to Make a Wish Foundation and meet the family.
T – Have an event for Women Business Owners and raise money for KIVA.
M – Go to Ronald McDonald House and cook a meal. 

The goals are set.  I’ve got a lot of planning to do.  And mostly, a lot of massive action to take!

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