"You NANCY ROBERTS are fantastic...I believe you spoke to every woman in that room this morning! You are down to earth, concise...genuine! Thanks for being in my life!"  Theresa Kusak-Smith, Sales Director, Mary Kay, Rochester NY

Theresa Kusak-Smith
Your Call Reluctance workshop was Awesome! The class was fun and informative. I made 20 prospecting calls today and I used your system to push through my fear. It worked very well! Thank you so much!

Kelly Valcore Macedon, NY
This information has opened my eyes to a wide variety of topics but most importantly, things that are holding me back and some simple but effective ways of dealing with those issues.

Russell Smith, Victor, NY
Smith Barney
Thanks for the permission to get out of my own way and work on becoming the business builder I want to be. I am looking forward to using your system for making more calls for my business.

Ashley Standish, Rochester, NY
I enjoyed your Success Strategies seminar so much. The fear thing can so take over, sometimes without you even knowing. Each time I feel that, I immediately think about your words and it helps me make that next step in my business.

Des Wallner
Business Owner, Space & Time Solutions
The beauty of the DISC tool is that it assists people in being more effective in every aspect of their lives, both professional and personal. It allows individuals to assume responsibility for their actions and moving forward. The cornerstone of interaction is communication and the value of this tool is its simplicity. Thanks for helping me to see its application and value.”

Marilyn Sadler-Bay, Rochester, NY
I better understand myself and my own behavioral tendencies and I can now recognize that in all my interactions with people. I am better able to adapt my style to others which promotes more productive communications. Plus, I will be less quick to frustrate than in the past knowing it is a style difference. Instead of getting upset or frustrated, I can now laugh at myself for realizing what happened.

Jennifer Steier, Farmington, NY
HR Manager, Ultrafab
I was very surprised at how accurate my results were from the DISC and Values Assessments. I was very curious at how a 20 minute survey could spit out 45 pages of information that pin pointed me and my work ethics to a “T”. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take this assessment. This will not only help in the success of my professional life but also my personal life.

Cara Dean, Rochester, NY
avatar“The Overcoming Call Reluctance event was great!  Learning about each of the personality types –  their pros and cons and how they interact with the other personality types –  was perfect.  Then taking that knowledge to the next level to understand why our personality is holding us back in our business was a perfect fit.”  Christie Jones Mary Kay Team Leader Newport News, VA

Christie Jones
avatar“I really enjoyed your workshop because it was fun and entertaining, which keeps it flowing, interesting and even after lunch when typically we tend to lose focus and brain power, you kept our attention and focus. I thank the Lord for bringing you guys to us! You all are a God send!”  Willow Trimble, Hampton, VA

Willow Trimble