Q&A With Nancy – The Law of Attraction

by Nancy on July 27, 2012

Q: On a recent call with Chris, he talked about the problem of running away from pain and suggested that one of the ways to get motivated was expressing what circumstances you DON’T want in your life. Isn’t the Law of Attraction to attract what you desire through emotion and visualization of what you DO want the exact opposite strategy? I am confused? ~ Colleen

A: Hi Colleen. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. Therefore, my goal isn’t to suggest you should constantly focus on pain and lack. What I think is productive is to think through the cost of inaction so you know how your decision to move forward in business or not impacts others. I don’t want you to constantly focus on it but rather just think it through so you are more likely to stay in action.

Also remember that both pleasure AND pain motivate. So the law of attraction is working with the part of the law that focuses on pleasure. Unfortunately, as humans, we are AT TIMES more motivated by pain than pleasure. And that is the key.

When you realize that you’ve been focused on your dream or desire for awhile but you’re just not getting anywhere, it’s time to evaluate your thoughts, feelings and actions. If you’re constantly spinning positive thoughts (like the Law of Attraction teaches) but not taking bold enough actions to get what you want – I guarantee you will be frustrated.

Instead, take a few moments to think about all that you will lose if you don’t reach your goal…and see if that doesn’t stir you to take bold action.

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