Q&A With Nancy – Push Through The FEAR

by Nancy on November 11, 2011

Q: Nancy, I’m dealing with a situation that I’m sure is pretty common but I don’t know where to go for help. I own my own home-based business and although my husband says he supports me, lately he has been make sarcastic comments about me not working enough or not bringing in any money. I do work and I do make money but probably neither at the level he wants. How do I make him realize this discourages me further and makes me want to work even less? ~ Janet

A: Hi Janet, well you picked a perfect time to write since this week’s article is about relationships. And as we know, money is the number one thing couples fight about. (Stay tuned next week. We’re bringing you an audio program about this exact topic!) So you’re right. Yours is a common challenge from what we hear from our coaching clients.

To answer your question, I’m going to make a couple of assumptions – if that’s okay.

First, your husband was probably on board in the beginning and had expectations about your work and income based on what you told him was possible.

Second, you have become discouraged (maybe by a difference in what you thought you would make and what you are really making) and are not working your business to the level YOU know you should be. (Carefully re-read your last sentence in your question to me)

Third, this is really about your own disappointment and frustration and your husband is simply the mirror for that – reflecting it back to you.

So as much as you may have liked me to tell you to “throw the bum out”, I’m not going to deal with the effect of the problem – let’s deal with the cause – your own discouragement.

From coaching business owners for almost 10 years, I can tell you one of the number one reasons why businesses fail. (95% within the first 5 years) It’s not under-capitalization like some claim.

It’s that the owners are not willing or able to push through the FEAR that keeps them from promoting and selling their services. Are you calling your prospects and customers at the level you should be? I’d bet the farm that you’re not.

Instead of getting hung up on your husband being non-supportive, turn your attention to your own prospecting and sales activity. One thing that may help is our Fearless Prospecting System – Moving From Fear to Freedom In Just 30 Days.

Once you are taking the level of action you need to in your business, I bet your own self-judgments will go away, as will your husband’s.

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