Q&A with Nancy- Know When to Push Outside Your Comfort Zone

by Nancy on August 26, 2011

Q: Hi Nancy, I’m in your Think Pink program and I just listened to the bonus call from last night. As discussed on the call, my top values/motivators are #1 Utilitarian (desire to get ROI) and #2 Social (desire to give). My DISC behavioral style is Compliant-Steadiness naturally and I’ve adapted to add some Dominance.

This all fits my primary job. I’m a psychologist, evaluator, consultant. Being kind, compassionate, meticulous, all works. I’ve run projects and supervised staff in the past and certainly those more dominant traits (having some D) also makes a lot of sense. All of this fits…

THEN…I look at my success level in my Mary Kay business and I have two thoughts…

#1- Run forest run!
#2- Am I really trying to make something work that has little likelihood of succeeding (at least without divine intervention)???

Am I crazy to even want to have a successful MK business given my style? ~ Renee

A: Renee, you ask a great question. You are right that someone who is the introverted styles of S&C will have a harder time promoting their MK business. Warm chatter, phone calls, interviews, etc. may be outside your comfort zone and this is the key to building the business.

That being said, remember when I said on the call that values trump behavior? In essence this means, if the WHY is strong enough, the HOW doesn’t matter. We know a Pink Cadillac Director in our area who is the S-C behavioral style. Obviously she is strongly motivated to achieve success and it pushes her out of her comfort zone.

So the question is – do you want it badly enough to push yourself outside YOUR comfort zone. Only you know the answer to this.

The High Utilitarian is a good start. You are driven by ROI, financial gain, and results. Your Social also indicates that you have a passion for helping people (children, family, women?). You have to evaluate whether these motivators are strong enough to propel you to take on the aspects of the business you aren’t so comfortable with.

So to answer your question – are you crazy to want a successful MK business? No. Is there a small likelihood of success given your style. Only you know the answer to that.

~ Nancy

P.S. And to just to comment on your question about divine intervention, here’s a quote I love: “Pray like it’s up to God; work like it’s up to you.”

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