Q&A With Nancy – How do you close S/C personalities?

by Nancy on March 9, 2012

Q: Hi Nancy! How do you “close” the S/C personalities in a short window of time? They always seem to need time to research or are simply full of fear. On the flipside, how can I ensure signing up the D/I personalities on the spot? ~ Ana G.

A: Hi Ana. It is difficult to close the High Steady and Compliants on the spot. They, by their very nature, have to think every decision through carefully. The only way is to give them an incentive to sign up right then. If it’s enticing enough, they may go against their nature. πŸ˜‰

With the Dominant or Influential person, they are used to making quick impulsive decisions. D’s like options and I’s LOVE free bonuses. So lay out several options (always starting with the highest pricepoint) and offer a bonus if they sign up right then.

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