Q&A with Nancy – Tips For Generating Leads

by Nancy on September 23, 2011

Q: I was wondering if maybe you may have some tips for approaching people because I’m not quite sure what would be a way to get names and numbers. I have tried a few different things and they work okay but not great.

Thank you so much for everything!! ~ Lauren

A: Hi Lauren! One thing I did when I was generating leads for some of our clients in Mary Kay was I would sit at Starbucks with my laptop and when an impressive woman or someone with a distinct feature would come in, I would get in line behind them and strike up a conversation while we were waiting for our drinks. (sometimes I would just order water!)

I would say “you have the nicest skin” or “you have beautiful eyes, have you ever been asked to be a face model for Mary Kay?” I only complimented them on something I really admired – so it was genuine. And most women were very appreciative of the compliment. And most gave me their number!

I also wear a pin of Mary Kay on a black cardigan sweater and most weeks, one or two women will ask “Is that your grandmother?” I always say “I wish…cause if she was, I’d be a millionaire!” Then that starts a conversation about Mary Kay.

What we tend to find is that if you detach yourself from the result (I have to give them my card or I have to get them to say yes!) most people are natural at striking up casual conversations. So release the pressure and go out and be yourself!

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