OCR 30-Day Coaching System Contest

by Nancy on August 4, 2010

Hello to everyone who is registered for our “Overcoming Call Reluctance 30-Day Coaching System.”  Throughout this month, we will be having a contest for people who are having and sharing their successes while working the system.

It doesn’t matter if your success is BIG or small, we want to hear about it.  If you made a call and booked an appointment, let us know.  If you made a call and it didn’t go well, at least you made the call. 

Get the picture?  Success is not about the outcomes, it’s about the actions.  So any action should be acknowledged and celebrated.

What’s in it for those who win the contest?  Here are some things we’ve come up with:

  • Leads for your Mary Kay business in the Rochester, NY area.
  • Two tickets to the opening night of “Eat, Pray, Love” on Friday, August 13th (which is my birthday, by the way!)
  • Homemade gourmet chocolate basket by Nancie’s Candies

So click on the Comments (add one)  link below and get started sharing your successes right away!

Julia Rae August 27, 2010 at 3:32 pm

Hi everyone! You all are doing great. So proud of my Mary Kay family! The other night, Suzanne Shavon and I were out at a bar and I know she has been having trouble with the warm chatter so I struck up a conversation with these two ladies and they both wanted a facial the next day. Suzanne took care of one lady and I took care of another. So the next day we had a facial with them, we had a lot of fun, both made sales and got leads! Success!! Suzanne: keep up the good work sister, I love you, you can do it! Love, Julia

Sandra Burtner August 27, 2010 at 4:51 pm

I am so excited to have won a lead! I have been so busy this week that I have been unable to post or even read posts. So, I checked my email and found out that I had won a lead! It is very exciting! Thank you so much Chris and Nancy, I look forward to calling her.

Even though I have not been able to listen to the audios (plan on catching up over the weekend) I have been using the tools a lot! So, a recap of the week. Monday night I needed to ask the hostess to listen to business info. She said she would but didn’t think she could get into anything like MK now with hubby working extra hours, so at least I already know what I am facing. We have to set a date still b/c her inlaws are visiting next week. I really pushed for a tentative but got no where with it. Tuesday I worked at a job fair with Victoria. It was kind of slow but we both worked through out reluctance to talk to some of the vendors and “sharp” woman and got some good leads! I think it is so great to have someone to encourage and keep you accountable! Wed. I had 3 guests cancelled so got on the phone and called several before getting a yes. I almost gave up, but really wanted to have a guest since I need to keep working the days I plan to work. I called one last friend and she said yes! She has her own business and asked me great questions on the way home. Thursday I had planned to ask local businesses to set up fish bowls but was unable to, that was the only time a new team member could meet. So, next week I am going to have my sister watch my son and go out during his nap time. Today I needed 3 more bookings to qualify for the redy to roll call and booked 5! I am glad that I did not give up on that too, it was an awesome training! It is so neat to see the personal growth I have had, the old me would have given up three or four times this week, but with keeping my why in front, I have the motivation to keep pushing my limits! Thanks again everyone!

Julia Rae August 29, 2010 at 10:37 am

Hello everyone, Things have been slowing down a bit for me and my goal is to get another $400 wholesale in before the quarter ends. That way I reach star consultant status. So today I’m going to make tons of phone calls and get parties and facials booked. Its time for me to get cracking!! Talk to you all later… Julia

Julia Rae August 29, 2010 at 4:39 pm

Hi again! So I was super pumped to make calls today for my leads. Unfortunately there was either no answer, or not interested. Hard to take, but I have to remember not to take it personally and give them the benefit of the doubt. Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll try, try again! I personally have found that walking up to people and talking to them about Mary Kay is a lot easier for me than to make phone call to people I don’t know. I guess that tells me what to work on! I just need to continue to believe in myself and move forward! It will happen; I know it! I know I have overcome one of my fears…blogging!! Because I think when something happens; I can’t wait to go blog and tell everyone!! Hope I’m keeping it real, Julia

Colleen Beckwith August 30, 2010 at 5:33 pm

I set the goal to do a 10 party week when I got back from Seminar for last week. I was able to book two parties one for Wed. night and one for Thurs. night and struggled for any others. So I started sending email invitations to my current customers, texting, calling leads and inviting them to my home for Girls’ Night In either Mon or Tues afternoon from 1-3pm or 7-9pm. I held a party with three women on Tues. afternoon yes it is possible to have a party during the day with three that were not my current customers. I held the party Wed. evening with 5 women plus the hostess and then Thurs night with 4 women plus the hostess. No I didn’t make my 10 parties goal but I did sell $1211 in MK and I have new customers. I shot for the moon and worst case landed among the stars. My Director who she herself refers to herself as a senior citizen set the goal to do 10 parties last week and she did it so she squashed that story that you are too old. Woohoo!

Desirae Rengert August 30, 2010 at 7:58 pm

Ok so I haven’t blogged in what feels like forever, things have been very intense and when I do sit down to blog the site laughs at me and says error. However I have been getting our there and finding leads and such, but since I havent been blogging it and I’m not ready for the program to end yet I am going to start where I left off-ish at day 19. Todayis my fathers birthday and I forgot. I feel awful! But I did manage to do my activity for the day which was to call 5 leads- I actually contacted 8. I only got threw to 2 people though… by text message. So I am feelig a bit discouraged by the outcome of my event/activity.

Jessamyn Slon August 31, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Though I’m still a little hesitant to be warm chattering with the balls-to-the-wall enthusiasm that would catapult me into DIQ, I’m becoming increasingly aware of differences in attitude, which I didn’t think I necessarily had to work on as much. BUT, I’m reaping benefits all over the place. Considering that when I left for Dallas, my bookings had hit an extremely thick and impenetrable wall, I’d say star consultant level sales and 4 parties from the month is not too shabby.

Though I’m still a long-shot from DIQ, I still have faith and hope that the work I’ve been doing from this system will stay with me. Cancellations are like a game now, I’m not as discouraged by missed goals, and when I don’t have a plan to work, I go back to names and numbers, and I just draft lists of people to call who I might have forgotten. When I take myself and my business seriously, everyone close to me sees and is willing to help by getting informal referrals. When people ask “how’s business doing?” even when it’s not going the way I need it to be, I say “GREAT” and they see my confidence grow, which in turn, fosters more confidence in me to keep going.

About a week left in the program, and I’m determined to follow it through to the end and finish honing the skills I’ve acquired. As we were driving back from the State Fair last night, I was having mild panic attacks about the notion of accumulating enough sales and commissions to be able to comfortably live on our own within the next couple of months. So I redeveloped and recommitted to a plan (which happens on a bi-weekly basis these days), and keep my head held high.

God continues to give me the tools and strength I need, I am eternally grateful and will continue to do everything I can to utilize them wisely.

Heather Samons August 31, 2010 at 9:41 pm

Thank you Chris and Nancy for the lead! I didn’t see it until yesterday through email. This whole weekend I moved in dorms and started classes yesterday so I have been all over the place.

Saturday I had 4 guests to muffins from my supposed 7. I was excited though that I had 4. One started the basics and 2 helped me finish my pearls for the month! I have started coming up with a game plan to finish star. I have a long way to go but I need to run hard until the last minute.

I have not done much work with my business since friday because of how busy I have been. However now that things are slowing a little, well no who am i kidding, it is just less crazy and more predictable to work around. lol None the less I am planning to get back on track. Everyday my goal has been to just talk to people about anything! I need to gain that confidence and the only way will be to just do it!

Thanks again for the lead I will be calling her in the next day or two!

Desirae Rengert August 31, 2010 at 10:14 pm

Day 22. A couple weeks ago I made myself a few mine goal posters. On them it says 100 customers, 10 team members, 10 bookings at all times, 5 interviews at all times, warm chatter daily, and do something special for Kevin. I even took a picture of this and put it on my phone as my wallpaper so I will always be looking at it. Today, I kinda warm chattered, I don’t know if it is really warm chattering, but I’ll take it anyway. I went with Kevin (my boyfriend) to see his great aunts and while we were there I pulled out a few samples I had with me and asked them “would any of you ladies be interested in some Mary Kay samples”? They were. To get to that point I used the E+R=O tool. Basily I had the opportunity and I took it. I now have 2 facials booked for Friday after lunch!

Jessamyn Slon September 3, 2010 at 11:42 am

Last night I had vowed to make booking calls. It was one of the only nights of the week that I had the whole evening, but one thing led to another and as the evening progressed, my mood and thoughts shifted. I usually feel like I have to be in the “right mindset” to making booking calls, but once I’m there, I just keep dialing numbers, one after the other, without much consideration. Trust me, I usually don’t have problems making phone calls.

However, for some reason last night, we finished dinner and I almost broke down and cried because of a very emotional conversation I had with my mother that aroused a lot of old feelings. I was angry and NOT excited about offering our company’s new promotion to book people. I essentially went through EVERY SINGLE TOOL I had learned, realizing that I had very little choice. I needed bookings to earn the Red-y-to-Roll call, and moreso, I have bills to pay that I have no way to right now without bookings!

So, starting with merely keeping my why in front of me, and as close to the tip of my nose as I could, I dialed the first 2 numbers. Expectedly, I got two answering machines, and came HAIRS close to packing up my planner and numbers and quitting, which I usually don’t do when I’m making phone calls. I said a quick prayer, and did the E+R=O, admitting that I couldn’t let the horrible dinner conversation I had ruin my chances of getting bookings. What if this was the only chance I was going to have to get a hold of some of my customers from whom I hadn’t heard in almost a year? What if my next team member was going to pick up and book with me and I’d miss it because I was feeling poopy and emotional?

Made a few more calls, and this time spoke with a few people in person. Still, no bookings, but reconnected with customers (for instance, one of whom dropped more than $300 on her first appointment back in January, and I never heard from her again!!), and got a few “call me in a few weeks”.

Ran into some numbers along the way that made me EXTREMELY nervous, people who I’ve called before (I run through all my leads on about a monthly basis and call them), and they’ve hung up on me, or I’ve booked them and they no-show/no-called, or I knew them in a previous capacity at another point in my life and now the only reason I ever call them is for Mary Kay, and I don’t want them to think I’m using them. Did the work on these, and even while I was dialing started to freeze up (even hung up half way through dialing on one :/), and used my mantras – clung to them was more like it – and stayed on the line.

Ok, so no bookings, having made almost 30 calls, but I did it. Rewarded myself with a glass of wine and Sudoku (it’s ok, you can judge me). This is a long post, and it looks like they’ve fizzled out anyway, so if people are reading this, congratulations for getting to the end; but, I had to share. Last night was as difficult for me as most warm chatter I’ve ever done, and had it not been for the tools I’ve learned, I probably would have made 5 phone calls and called it a night.

admin September 7, 2010 at 9:30 pm

Hello Everyone! From the slowing down of the posts, you may think that most people have finished their 30-day system. However, from making the “accountability calls”, Chris and I can tell you, MOST everyone has had stops and starts and is still working through the system. [If you had started on August 5th and worked the 30 days consistently, you would have finished on Friday, September 3rd.] So please don’t convince yourself that you’re the only one who hasn’t completed the 30-day system within the 30 days.

And a few of you have asked if the audios are staying up past the 30 days and yes, I’m happy to report we are leaving them up for you to continue to access. Also, there was something wrong with audios 22, 23 and 29 (thanks Pam for letting me know!) but they are fixed now.

Remember, you can work this 30-Day system any 30 days that you want. If August was a crazy month for you (seminar, vacation, etc.) then wouldn’t this week be a fabulous time to restart the program? After Labor Day always feels kind of like a second New Year’s. The kids are back in school, the sun beckons us less, and there is a “let’s get focused” energy. Let’s use that to our advantage and reset, re-commit and basically, declare a “do-over” if need be! ~ Nancy

Rachel Findley September 11, 2010 at 12:55 pm

I JUST GOT A BOOKING!! I am super excited because I have been allergic to my phone lately and using every excuse to avoid making calls. So, I called a woman that I have called before and she blew me off (from my perspective, I’m sure she’s just busy) so I was hesitant to call again. But, I used some Mantras and Your Way to Beautiful as a reason to call (she was so flattered! “Apparently you’re looking for older women,” she said) and I potentially have a 4-person skin care class! I can, I will make star next quarter!

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