Mommy Duty

by Nancy on June 2, 2008

Last week, I found out what it means to be a “working mother”. My neighbors and I found 4 kittens – not much more than 3 or 4 weeks old. We couldn’t locate the mother and since it was to be near freezing the night we found them, we created a temporary home for them in a cardboard box. The next morning, I got on the Internet and researched the care required by really young kittens and I went in to panic mode. They have to be fed a special formula every two hours, you have to burp them and wipe their bums!!! Since my neighbors were all at work, it was up to me to be on mommy duty. That’s the beauty of working from home – I was able to tend to the kittens during the day and work at night. But I’ll tell ya, I was exhausted!!

My neighbor kept the white kitten (Bella) and although I was very tempted to keep one of the black kittens, I knew my lifestyle and my allergies are not conducive to owning a cat.

So two days later, a woman who runs a cat shelter came and took the three little black ones. While it was good to get back to my regular schedule, I really miss those little kitties.

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