Why Only 20% Ever Succeed

Last time we talked about the phenomenon that in almost any population, you will have 5% who are superstars, 15% who show potential, and 80% who for the most part will not ever rise to the top. So the question that comes up is…Why don’t the 80% move? Scientists may blame DNA and assume that […]

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Why you get nothing done

 Have you ever had a day that just went perfectly?  You were focused and energized and everything on your to do list got accomplished with ease.  Or if you have had a day like that, it was a long time ago and you’re probably wondering how you can have more just like it.    Well, […]

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Values or Behavior?

Whenever we feel a conflict between what we know is right vs. what we really want to do, we are experiencing a conflict between our values and our behavior.  When this happens, we have a choice.  We can alter our behavior to match our values; or we can change our values to match our behavior.  […]

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