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The Easy Way Or The Hard Way – It’s Up To You

The last time our 4-year old nephew Kai was spending the night, I had a hard time convincing him to brush his teeth.  I tried all the bribing, cajoling, and threatening I could think of until finally I said, “Okay, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, it’s up to you!” […]

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Wisdom Comes from the Strangest Places!

Have you ever been in an unremarkable place or situation and had a remarkable thing happen? This past weekend, I was in NJ for a conference. The day before the conference, it was pouring rain and not much to do in Fairview, NJ…so I decided to go get a massage. I had never been to […]

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Je suis juste retourné de Montréal!

I just returned from Montreal where I was volunteering at the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar. Montreal was where I first attended an MMI in 2005 and it was a life changing event for me. So I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to go back to where it all started and give my time and […]

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