Why Only 20% Ever Succeed

Last time we talked about the phenomenon that in almost any population, you will have 5% who are superstars, 15% who show potential, and 80% who for the most part will not ever rise to the top. So the question that comes up is…Why don’t the 80% move? Scientists may blame DNA and assume that […]

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So you think you’re enlightened?

Years ago, I took several courses through a well known self development company. I was very impressed with the facilitators of the seminars – especially how they handled people who became upset or angry during a process. They never got triggered or upset themselves. Even when people personally attacked them, they remained calm, present, almost […]

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Facebook Faceoff

Hi folks! I’m back! Yes I realize a 6 month hiatus from a blog is unheard of nowadays. So I feel I should explain. Earlier this year when Social Media became all the rage for business, I figured I’d better text, tweet, friend and post and do all those things or my business would become […]

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