climbing mountains

Hiking Camelback Mountain

Well, I did it!  I finally hiked Camelback Mountain.  And while there are many stories to tell and lessons learned, there is one story that stands out among them all.  As I started up the mountain, the first half is a trail with a pretty good incline.  The second half you are not hiking, you are […]

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Baby steps…

With one of my long-term goals to climb a mountain in South America, I figure I should climb whenever I have the opportunity.  Well this coming week, I’m heading out to Phoenix, Arizona for the Target Training International annual conference.  I’ve seen Camelback Mountain many times while in Scottsdale but never scheduled enough time to hike […]

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Got my sights set on Patagonia!

As you may recall, one of my longer term goals is to climb a mountain.  It may be 2011 before that happens.  But my friend Lisa just sent me an article from the NY Times online that ranks the Patagonia region the #2 place to travel in the World in 2010. Patagonia is becoming […]

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