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by Nancy on July 26, 2011

In the summer of 2007, I attended the “Enlightened Warrior Training Camp”, a boot camp for personal development being the best way to describe it. [Find out more at www.peakpotentials.com]

Let’s just say it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I went in with very high expectations because of what I’d been told by other Warrior graduates – and it exceeded my expectations in every way.

While I can’t share with you exactly what I experienced (Warrior is like Vegas!  What happens at Warrior Camp stays at Warrior Camp!), I can share with you some of the life lessons I learned while there. 

You may read these and think “Well, these aren’t secrets.  I already know that.”  But as I’ve learned, if you know it but don’t live it – then you don’t know it.

Lesson 1: Fear is the number one thing that stops us from taking action towards what we want in life. Most people think they must wait until the fear is gone before making a move. They will wait forever! WARRIORS FEEL THE FEAR – AND DO IT ANYWAY!!!

Lesson 2: Some of the greatest victories in life are after a comeback. After a failure of sorts, I came back on a second round and was determined to reach my goal. When I did, I can honestly say the victory was sweeter than if I’d succeeded the first time. WARRIORS NEVER GIVE UP!

Lesson 3: Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off our goal. Keeping laser focus on your goal and taking one step at a time – you can accomplish anything. And I mean – ANYTHING!

Lesson 4: The definition of an Enlightened Warrior is “one who conquers oneself in order to serve”. The stronger you are (physically, mentally, fiscally, etc.) the more of an obligation you have to assist others.

Lesson 5: Eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary. A Warrior does not “try” to do anything. They either do or do not do. When someone says they will try to do something, they mean if it is easy, convenient and without challenges. As a Warrior, your word is law. When you commit to something, it is done. Period.

Lesson 6: A Warrior acts with Integrity. This includes keeping commitments – big and small. And it starts with keeping commitments to yourself! If you can’t get to the gym when you said, if you can’t get up when you said, if you don’t make that phone call when you said, how will you ever trust yourself enough to keep bigger commitments in life? How will anyone else ever trust you?

Lesson 7: Use encouraging self-talk and personal mottos to get through the tough times. When your mind is trying to take you out, telling you that you can’t do something (yes, even Warriors have this problem!), it really does help to counteract the negative talk with some positive mantras. Some of my favorites that I relied on throughout the Camp were:

“If they can do it, I can do it”
“Just frickin’ do it”
“Suck it up, Princess”

Go ahead and make up a personal mantra that will help you ACT IN SPITE OF FEAR. Then think of something you’ve been putting off because you’re afraid of the outcome or consequences. Next step – just do it!

Mildred M. Wright September 14, 2011 at 2:22 pm

Sept. 14, 2011

WOW! Newsflash: a previous Pastor once preached that we should not “lie” to ourselves. I dismissed his comment because I just reckoned that I simply reserve the right to change my mind about what it is that I once decided to do for myself. (I usually neglected to honor my word to myself to the benefit of serving someone else.) However reading your post has reframed my thinking in regard to honoring my word to my own self! I have always considered myself to be an individual of purposeful INTEGREITY! So your lesson #6: A Warrior acts with Integrity: this includes keeping commitments – big and small. And it STARTS with keeping commitments to YOURSELF! Ouch!!! Finally, I have decided to BE TRUTHFUL with myself and No More Lies! I will honor my commitment to my own personal goals and no longer be negligent of ME: Self- Respect!! I wonder how family and the church are gonna respond to the new me? I am gonna be alright, whatever….. And my business goals are no longer gonna be sacrificed for another’s priority interest: I am anticipating a more balanced lifestyle! NO MORE Justifying to myself WHY I was distracted from being a STAR this quarter, again!

Much Thanks,
mildred m. wright

admin September 14, 2011 at 4:26 pm

Mildred – thanks so much for commenting. Given your insights from this post, I think you’re going to love today’s blog post on saying “no”.

Mildred M. Wright September 26, 2011 at 7:54 am

September 26,2011

Good Morning! Administrator:

I am rather new to this site and not so blog sav vy. How do I search for Insignt’s: today’s blog post, on saying “NO”?



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